Petrol Coffee's Roasted-To-Order Beans | New York City

New York's new roast-to-order coffee company

When Claudia Amaya and Chad Smith teamed up to build an espresso bar, they realized that if they wanted the freshest beans possible, they'd have to roast them.

Their coffee shop hasn't materialized (yet), but the duo is now roasting New York's freshest beans under the Petrol Coffee Roasters label.

Amaya and Smith roast-to-order Rainforest Alliance-certified beans from El Salvador and Bali Blue Moon beans from Indonesia in two styles ($13 a pound or $60 for five pounds): The lighter "city roast" is ideal for espresso, while the darker "light French" shines as drip coffee.

They'll also deliver your order anywhere in Manhattan. Now, thanks to Petrol's ability to cut down on the time it takes to get beans from harvest to roast to your morning cup, you'll probably skip lots of those trips to the corner coffee shop.