Holiday Dessert Recipes Collection

A menu of delicious desserts to see you through the season

Thanks to their marginalizing end-of-meal position, desserts generally have the odds stacked against them.

But come December, we embrace our latent sweet tooth and make more use of our baking artillery (flour, sugar, baking soda) than in the past 11 months combined.

To mark the beginning of this sugarcoated season, this month's menu (click here to download) features a wealth of recipes for sweet treats: Make our eggnog affogato to sip while you trim the tree, or bake up a batch of alfajores–made rich with layers of dulce de leche and chocolate–to give as an edible gift. And for a special end to your meal, opt for the decadent toasted-almond sponge cake crowned with toffee.

Or make the entire menu and throw a party of your own: Fill your table with an array of these treats and we'll bet on a full house.

Wait no longer; this month, skip straight to dessert.