Mai Tais, Manhattans And Classic Cocktails At The Atlas Room On H Street NE

The Atlas Room improves on classic cocktails

You won't find the city's best Mai Tai in a tiki bar, but instead at H Street's new Atlas Room.

Better still: It's not even pink.

Bar manager Chris Surrusco–who brought cocktail excellence to The Gibson and Vermillion–has created a drinks menu that puts a homemade, culinary spin on all-star drinks ($11).

His Mai Tai (pictured) is a faithful re-creation of the original Trader Vic's recipe. In lieu of bottled orgeat syrup, Surrusco mixes his own, roasting almonds and finishing the elixir with rose and orange-blossom waters. He adds fresh lime juice and gives the entire drink a spicy finish by topping it with Thumper, his homemade, spiced, 126-proof cinnamon- and pepper-packed rum.

The Clover Club, a frothy blend of gin and lemon juice, gets a floral makeover thanks to house grenadine made with pomegranate juice and orange-blossom water.

The dining menu stands just as tall as the beverage list. Chef Robert Beard's mini ravioli ($10) are plump with braised short ribs in a winey, herbed demi-glace. Morsels of tender pork are baked on spiced butternut purée with goat cheese and parsley on a puffed flatbread ($9).

It's worth adding to your map.

The Atlas Room, 1015 H St. NE; 202-388-4020 or