Three Beers For Your Thanksgiving Feast

Craft brews for Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims' ride to Plymouth Rock was a bit of a boozy one, as was life in general in the 1600s: Water was often not potable, and low-alcohol beer was a safe way to stay hydrated.

So make like the Pilgrims on Thursday; with the right beers, you'll have a historically accurate complement to your feast.

The Bruery's Saison Rue ($13 for 750ml) hits the spice notes of the season with citrus and clove, while its slight sour edge has a cranberry-sauce-like ability to cut through the richness of the meal.

Eagle Rock Brewery has a fitting Turkey Day drink in Solidarity ($12 for a half-gallon growler refill), a low-alcohol black mild much closer in ABV to what the Pilgrims would have toasted with. You can get a growler full of this roasted-tasting beer tomorrow during the brewery's holiday hours.

Canadian beer might seem contradictory, but La Fin du Monde ($9 for 750ml)–a reference to the once-held thought that the shore of the New World was the end of the earth–merits inclusion for both poetic and practical reasons. Its flavor of baking spices and touch of bitter hops make it a fine bird beer.