Pumpkin And Apple Pie Pops From Cheap Tart Bakery

Cheap Tart introduces the pie pop

Our hope for the next year: that pies topple cupcakes' dessert domination.

One sign that a coup is near: Cheap Tart's new pie pops, which are single-serving pies...on a stick.

Baker Dinah Grossman started selling fruit pies, fruit galettes, layer cakes and chocolate chip cookies (by special order only) this summer, and has been rewarding friends and special customers with test batches of pie pops for the last few months.

Her recipe has finally been perfected–just in time for the biggest pie day of the year–and the pies-on-a-stick are now available for special order by the dozen ($30).

Grossman bakes them in muffin-size molds that yield a true pie shape (rather than a turnover). Inside, find pumpkin, which she roasts, purées and blends with organic milk, eggs, fresh ginger and maple syrup for a silky and boldly squash-flavored seasonal pie. For apple-pie pops, Michigan or Illinois apples are caramelized in butter and sugar, like the topping of a tarte tatin, before being swaddled in crust.

Another fall fruit pie and "something involving chocolate" are in the works for the holidays, says Grossman.

Negotiations with Green Grocer, Wicker Basket Café and a handful of local coffee shops are in the works–look for them to pop up there (for $3 each) soon.