Fall Menu For Our Wine-Themed Dinner Party

A menu you'll want to toast

Did your invitation to a wine-country crush party get lost in the mail this year? Ours did, too. No worries: You can have your own wine-themed dinner without squashing a single grape.

The fuss-free dishes of our October menu (click here to download the recipes) are all bottle friendly. A few recipes use wine as a flavor-boosting ingredient, such as wine-braised chicken thighs and gnocchi with squash and brown butter, and they all partner well with a glass. Even dessert–a tart constructed on a brilliant short-cut crust–pays homage to the grape.

The menu serves four for a more intimate affair, but is easily doubled to make room for a larger wine-loving crowd.

So dust off your decanters and fill the ice buckets: It's crush party time, whether you live in wine country or not.