Reading Between The Wines Gets Wine

Terry Theise explains why we love wine

There is something particular (and often, indescribable) about the experience of enjoying good wine.

In his first book, the lively and articulate Reading Between the Wines, importer Terry Theise aims to put words to this quality, exploring the reasons that make us reach for wine over other beverages to share with friends and enliven meals.

The iconoclastic Theise, who spent his formative years in Germany, did much to acquaint the United States to German and Austrian varietals like Riesling and GrĂ¼ner Veltliner.

Theise's book presents a convincing case for the true purpose of drinking wine, proclaiming that great wine should be appreciated for its ability to heighten an experience and recall a sense of place, rather than for garnering scores or ratings.

As Theise opines, he weaves through colorful anecdotes about his relationships with artisan winemakers. For the author, certain bottles capture the character of their creators, thus recalling memories of old friends.

There's nothing precious about these moments in Reading Between the Wines. Theise convinces readers that the ineffable thrills of a superb wine are as important as the primal pleasure of drinking it.