Chozen Ice Cream

Say "Shana Tova" with Chozen ice cream

We're fans of any holiday that calls for more sugar.

With Rosh Hashanah here, we're whipping out our sweetest recipes. Although we didn't think it was possible, a new dessert has ousted the already high sugar index of apples and honey by putting those traditional holiday offerings in ice cream form.

Chozen, a Manhattan-based kosher ice cream company, was born out of two sisters and a mother's love for frozen rugelach. After translating those flavors to ice cream, the Fisher women sought to adapt all of their favorite childhood treats to freezer-aisle form.

The Matzoh Crunch blends chocolate- and caramel-covered matzoh in a vanilla ice cream base, while Passover's favorite cookie–the macaroon–lives on in low temperatures as almond ice cream with toasted coconut flakes.

To start off the Jewish New Year (and apple season) on an especially sweet note, Chozen has released a new flavor: honey ice cream studded with pieces of caramelized green apple.

Up next: chocolate-gelt ice cream just in time for Hanukkah.

Chozen ice cream is sold at Garden of Eden in Manhattan and Union Market in Brooklyn (click here for more locations).