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Local, Artisanal New York Sodas

In its mass-market, fructose-filled form, soda would be shunned at the farmers' market. Luckily, there are a few local "chemists" who are tinkering with homemade versions that should pass muster with any locavore–and satisfy our craving for carbonated nostalgia.

Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale Made with fresh ginger and pure cane sugar by ginger scholar Bruce Cost, this fizzy drink packs a spicy bite. Just remember to give the bottle a shake before opening–the unfiltered brew offers big flavor, but the ginger particles settle to the bottom. Stock up at FreshDirect.com, Whole Foods and Dean & Deluca.

Brooklyn Soda Works After experimenting with some homemade ginger beer, Antonio Ramos and his girlfriend, Caroline Mak, decided to make soda for the masses. Now they haul fruit, fresh juice and equipment to the Brooklyn Flea each weekend. Have them mix you up fresh cups of such unique flavors as salted plum, lime and Thai basil; and grapefruit, jalapeño and honey. You can also try them at Palo Santo wine bar in Park Slope.

P&H Soda Co. Anton Nocito dreams of becoming a contemporary soda jerk at the helm of his own soda fountain. In the meantime, the Flushing-based chef is content to make from-scratch lemon verbena, lime, hibiscus-rose (pictured) and cream sodas. Get a taste at Brooklyn Farmacy, Rockaway Taco or Brooklyn Kitchen.