Compost Your Farmers' Market Vegetables, Fruit And Cardboard Through Compost Cab In Washington, DC And Maryland

Call a cab for your rotten fruit

If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, you probably know that uneaten food can be a big problem. And it's not just a matter of wasted money: Leftovers usually head straight for the garbage, and then the landfill.

But a quick visit from Compost Cab can ease your conscience, at least about the environmental part.

This brand new service ($8 per pickup) will fetch your compostable foods and turn them into nutrient-rich dirt.

Compost Cab supplies an airtight (read: stink-free) bucket for your vegetables, coffee grounds, fruit and other scraps. Each week, the service will pick up your items and replace the lining. Your food goes to a composting facility at a non-profit urban farm in Maryland.

After nine months of service, customers can opt to receive soil for home gardening. Each home can receive up to 10 percent of its compost weight for free (the service weighs your output each week).

Compost Cab is just getting started with residential pickups, but they will work with condo complexes and businesses on bulk removal. Smaller households can also drop off items for community composting at the Mount Pleasant Farmers' Market one Saturday per month (including next Saturday, August 14th).