Local Sauce

LocalFolks' Midwestern ketchup, mustard, hot sauce and more

Burgers have gone gourmet at breakneck speed.

But ketchup has lagged egregiously behind. Heinz remains the stalwart, standard-order topper, even for patties crafted of grass-fed beef.

Finally, an alternative: rich artisanal ketchup made from Midwestern ingredients, courtesy of LocalFolks, an Indiana company new to Chicago.

LocalFolks, whose owners run a sixth-generation family farm in Central Indiana, has been steadily expanding since 2007. Beyond its thick ketchup–which has a bold tomato-sweetness and savory spice–there's habanero chile hot sauce with hints of smoked paprika, and barbecue sauce sweetened with honey and brown sugar.

Superbly tangy, lightly sweet whole-grain mustard is flavored with honey, bell peppers, jalapeño and lime. Try it slathered on cheese-topped burgers, roasted pork or any grilled meat, for that matter.

The entire product line is free of corn syrup and white sugars; cane sugar and honey are used instead. All produce comes from the Midwest.

Do your next burger a favor: Find the ketchup, plus the barbecue sauce and tomato sauces, at Green Grocer, Olivia's and Dill Pickle Food Co-op, which also carries the mustard.