Char-Grilled Summertime Eats

An elegant feast from the grill

Nothing speaks of summer like a charcoal-induced sear. And while the grill is most at home amid bare feet and cutoffs, it's equally suited to a more embellished affair.

Our second menu in an ongoing monthly series is a shade more sophisticated than the typical flame-kissed feast. Instead of running the risk of overcooking burgers, make grilled hanger steaks gilded with a garlicky romesco butter the center of your meal.

Welcome friends with a shochu cocktail infused with smoky grilled thyme and plates of grilled fig-and-chorizo skewers. Even salad (a mussel-laced panzanella) and dessert (berry-polenta cake) benefit from time on the fire.

And if you've had your fill of humidity and mosquitoes, set the dining room table inside: This menu merits ceramic and stemware.