Spicy Cocktails More Popular Than Ever

Drinks that promise to make you sweat

Not long ago, the average chile-injected drink was an uncouth affair. But now, those seeking liquid heat don't have to settle for the one-note punch of a spicy margarita.

At New York's Mayahuel, agave savants coax fiery tequila into a subtle burn with mezcal, amontillado sherry and celery bitters for the Stone Raft.

And though tequila might be the most obvious choice for chile, it's not the only spirit that blossoms from a touch of heat. For proof, try the King de Bahia at Copa d'Oro in Santa Monica–a breezy combination of cachaça, St-Germain and passion fruit, slapped into sharper focus with jalapeños.

One of the best pepper drinks around right now hails from Texas. A Dark and Stormy revved up with habanero tincture, this potent refresher from Houston's Anvil bar goes by the vaguely menacing name Border Storm–but it's a welcome reboot of a trusty summer classic.