Specialty Chocolates By Chocolate Editions By Mary And Matt | Tasting Table NYC

Meet Mary and Matt. They make chocolate.

Plenty of cocoa pushers like to say that chocolate is an art form, but Mary Matson and Matt Even like to get more specific than that: It's Pop Art.

As the creators of Chocolate Editions, a line of whimsical candy bars, they glean inspiration from everything from the canvases of Sol LeWitt and David Hockney to everyday objects like Neapolitan ice cream and rugby shirts.

Matson (a designer and former pastry chef in Boston) and Even (an art director at an ad agency) filter their distinctive sensibilities into creations like chocolate Scrabble pieces and a tricolor-chocolate pie chart.

While their cocoa-based designs are clean and spare, they're also cheeky: One product line features bars stamped with the words "Eat Your Veggies," while another demands "Eat Me."

We suggest you follow their advice.

Chocolate Editions are sold at Partners & Spade, 40 Great Jones St. (between the Bowery and Lafayette St.); 646-861-2827 or partnersandspade.com