Grow Hydroponic Produce With Kits From The Windowfarms Project

Grow hydroponic produce in your apartment

These days, there's not much that you can't make from the comfort of your own home: Cheese, chocolate and booze have all been modified for the DIY set.

Now, with the advent of kits from the Windowfarms Project, you can move farming into your apartment, too.

The nonprofit's goal is a straightforward one: offer high-yield window planters made from low-impact materials.

After tinkering with the prototype for a year, founder Britta Riley and her team are now selling kits ($40 and up) that contain everything you need to hang used plastic bottles on your windows and get growing.

If you order a kit now, you should reap your first harvest by fall, about the time the bounty at the farmers' market begins to wane. And for those with a black thumb, Riley will be holding court in Manhattan to encourage newbies with a schedule of window-farmer meet-ups, harvest-planning workshops and artist talks through August 13 (click here to see the calendar of events).

This year's curtain pattern: plastic bottles.