The New Wine CSA From Enlightenment Wines

Wines that put the alchemy back into alcohol

We've seen CSAs that deal in meat, bread and dairy, and we love the farm-fresh ingenuity of CSKs.

Now the CSA acronym has a new definition: Community Supported Alcohol.

Self-taught Hudson Valley winemaker Raphael Lyon is behind Enlightenment Wines, which he calls the "smallest winery in New York State." His methods are old-fashioned (no pumps, filters or sulfites) but the way he distributes his meads and sparkling fruit wines couldn't be more progressive.

Lyon personally delivers mixed cases of wine (that's 12 bottles–enough to enjoy a bottle every week) to subscribers four times a year. The summer share includes Cuveê Anguis Singularum, an elderberry and cherry-infused sparkling mead, and the dandelion-infused Memento Mori.

In an effort to close the loop between winemaker and customer, Lyon invites members to visit his farm to help with production, and he's open to requests. (Does nettle wine sound swell? He'll try out a six-gallon batch.)

When you get down to it, investing in CSA is like having your own private winemaker–and to that we give an A+.

Enlightenment Wines are also sold at UVA and Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg and Chambers Street Wines in Tribeca (click here for a full list).