Top Chef University Will Make You A Better Cook

Learn from the masters at Top Chef University

It's easy to instruct yourself through many cooking hurdles with the guidance of a few solid recipes: Boiling water and scrambling eggs quickly give way to roasting a chicken. But we've had enough kitchen gaffs to know that there are plenty of holes in our education.

And while the tireless (and budget-less) will enroll in a hands-on class–or even go for broke at culinary school–there's now an easier way to get tasty tutelage. Top Chef, Bravo's popular cooking show, has launched Top Chef University, which offers numerous online courses for those who want to brush up on or overhaul their kitchen skills.

This subscription-based school has culled the talents of cheftestants from each season, with a curriculum of cooking videos ranging from the basics (knife skills, introduction to spices) to the more complicated (braising, butchering or cooking for a crowd) in great depth.

And the personalized start page allows members to begin and end lessons as they wish, helpfully accommodating each student's individual needs and pace.

Subscriptions are available by the month or by the year, and through June 15, Tasting Table readers can get 30 percent off either subscription by entering the code TTABLE at checkout.

Besides, who wouldn't want to play teacher's pet to Padma and Tom?