Sacha Inchi Seeds The New Summer Snack

Peruvian wonder nuts are the superhero of snack food

Traditionally, summer calls for peanuts and Cracker Jacks, but we're opting to snack on Sacha Inchi seeds instead.

These earthy, nutlike seeds are harvested from the Sacha Inchi fruit, which grows deep within the Amazon rain forest and possesses a vegetal flavor and natural saltiness that has effectively turned us into Inchi addicts.

Vegetarians in particular should take note: The "Incan peanuts" are the richest meat-free source of brain-sharpening omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. But the roasted, sugar-sweetened and tamari-seasoned varieties sold by TerrAmazon (the company that also popularized goji berries and Himalayan salt) are delicious in any diet.

And the backstory only adds further appeal: The newfound popularity of the seeds–which date back to pre-Incan civilizations–is helping indigenous farmers in the central Amazon, who cultivate the product and sell it at fair market prices to preserve their way of life.

Pop Inchi by the handful or add them to nutty trail mix as a counterpoint to the sweetness of cashews and almonds. They're also perfect in place of croutons with mixed greens.

Finally, some quiet from the peanut gallery.