Yummly Helps You Discover New Dishes You Will Love

A recipe searcher that knows you best

Thanks to the predictive intelligence of websites like Pandora (for music), Netflix (for movies) and Amazon (for everything), we're now used to being told what we want long before we realize we want it.

And now we have a forecaster for food: Yummly.com.

This just-launched recipe-search site "learns" what you like to cook and suggests your next kitchen adventure accordingly. As with other recipe sites, you can filter searches by ingredients, allergens, price, time and cuisine. But what makes Yummly stand out is its intuition: The more you use it, the better it understands your taste and quibbles, then employs its algorithms to recommend recipes to match. (Love lamb but hate rosemary? No problem.)

You can also save favorite dishes (and your modifications), and, for those who don't have enough social networking in their lives, there's an option to share recipes with a community of "TasteBuds."

But what we like most about Yummly is its expansive, 250,000-and-growing recipe database culled from top culinary sites, such as Epicurious, The Food Network and Chow.

If only it could convince us that we like doing dishes.