Sharpen This Knife Sharpening Of Japanese And German Blades In Leesburg, Bethesda And D.C.

Get a handle on knife skills with expert sharpening

According to a famous song, it's the first cut that's the deepest, but if you've dulled your kitchen knives to safety scissors, it will take a few more hacks to make a mark (possibly injuring you in the process).

Alicia Groncki of Sharpen This can guarantee that your knives make an immediate impression.

Groncki trained with a master sharpener to guarantee blade perfection. Using precise angles and a special machine built for kitchen knives, she can tackle nearly every style of blade, including serrated bread knives (50 cents per inch) and the more precise, flexible fillet blades ($1 per inch).

Unlike many sharpening services, Groncki alters her technique to suit each blade, making her the perfect resource for sharpening santokus and most other Japanese knives.

She works quickly, taking only a minute to hone years of chopping, sawing and cleaving from a standard eight-inch chef's knife. For severe cases, Groncki can even work out nicks.

Sharpen This hosts regular sessions each week at area kitchen stores and farmers' markets; Groncki keeps her sharpening machines in her van and will travel to D.C. and Northern VA for groups of five or more.

Her help also extends beyond the kitchen: Now is the perfect time to prep pruners, hedge trimmers and other tools for the vegetable garden.

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