Marketa Market In Midtown Offers Extra-Fresh Goats' Milk Greek-Style Yogurt

Greek yogurt that'll get your goat

Thick, creamy Greek-style yogurt is hardly an exotic item these days; you can now pick up a tub at any corner bodega or even make it yourself. But it pales in comparison to the tangy stuff now available on 56th Street.

There, in a small space set back from the street, you'll find Marketa. Costas Spiliadis, the proprietor of nearby Milos restaurant, has stocked the place with ingredients he uses at the restaurant–like Milos's house olive oil, honeys, cheeses, even roasted leg of lamb–for takeaway.

He's also bringing in bagels from his base in Montreal; he sells them toasted, with cream cheese and lox.

But the real draw is the yogurt, which Spiliadis sources from a goat farmer in Dutchess County. When it arrives in the store, it's ladled into organic cheesecloth and drained until it's stand-a-spoon-in-it thick (pictured).

Sold in six-, eight- and 12-ounce reusable containers, it begs for a side of Greek honey or spoon sweets (fruit that's been preserved in massive amounts of syrup).

This is the best Greek news we've heard in a long time.

Marketa, 135 W. 56th St. (between Sixth and Seventh aves.); 212-459-3900 or