FireLit Coffee Liqueur Perfect For Coffee Purists

A coffee liqueur that's up to snuff

Coffee is the evolutionary exemplar of the moment: Its one-time of role of quotidian jump-starter has been updated with an artisanal approach of single-origin beans and fancy brewing technology.

As such, sticky espresso martinis and other coffee-based cocktails are due for a face-lift. And, here to bring boozy coffee up to speed is Firelit Coffee Liqueur.

Firelit founder Jeff Kessinger joined forces with San Francisco's Blue Bottle coffee and nearby distillery St. George Spirits to tweak his family recipe to meet today's coffee-cultist standards.

By blending Blue Bottle's cold-brewed coffee with two different brandies (distilled from Chardonnay and coffee grounds, respectively), Kessinger creates the perfect boozy base (and we mean boozy–the stuff rings in at 60 proof) for a coffee drink that tastes like actual coffee.

Coffee purists will love it on its own over ice or with vodka and a spot of cream in a White Russian. The toasty flavor is a also a good match for rum drinks like the Firelit Torch, a balancing act of maple and allspice (click here to download recipe) that's served at the Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco.

Or keep it simple and pour a shot over gelato for a spiked affogato. Caffeine, booze and sugar: sounds like an ideal summer dessert.