Sushi Concierge Classes With Trevor Corson At Zentan In Logan Circle

Trevor Corson lets you see that sushi roll


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Trevor Corson lets you see that sushi roll

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If it were up to Trevor Corson, bluefin tuna would be a hotter topic than the KFC Double Down.

The sushi educator and author is on a mission to revamp American sushi palates, banishing overharvested, endangered fish in favor of sustainable, often local alternatives.

"I'm not out to pull culinary jujitsu on people," Corson says. Rather, he wants to change our sushi values, weaning people off soy sauce, wasabi and rich fish by sharing the natural flavors of more-traditional fish (like mackerel).

Corson just launched his Washington sushi concierge service–a guided dinner of sushi traditions–for groups of six or more at 14th Street's Zentan.

In the meantime, he offers his alternatives to bluefin and other popular (and should-avoid) fish:

Kanpachi This relative of yellowtail (also known as striped jack) has a delicate flavor that works well with yuzu and chili pepper; it is a good alternative to hamachi, which is overharvested in the wild, then raised and grossly fattened in farms.

Pole-caught Albacore belly This tuna is the only environmentally sound replacement for bluefin tuna, which is severely overfished.

Anago When it comes to eel, the Japanese opt for this saltwater eel, which is served as fillets with a sweet soy broth. It's healthier and more delicate than freshwater eel (unagi), which is industrially farmed and arrives prepackaged, as Corson says, "loaded with corn syrup and MSG."

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