Cherry Liqueur For Spring Drinking

Celebrate cherry-blossom season with cherry-based drinks

Blink and you'll miss the cherry blossoms, whose fluttery pink petals herald the arrival of warm weather in many places around the country.

Whether you witness the annual spectacle or not, you can welcome spring with the help of one of these cherry-infused spirits.

Roi René Rouge ($27) This floral French liqueur is made with Guigne and Morello cherries from the Loire Valley and sugar beets from Normandy. Stir Roi René Rouge into a Coke for a grown-up take on a childhood favorite, or do as Gina Chersavani of Washington, D.C.'s PS7 does: Pair it with gin and lemon in a drink (click here to download recipe) she calls "Don't Mess with My Tu-Tu" (click to buy online).

Cherry Heering ($24) This dark-red Danish liqueur contributes fruity flavor and a bright red hue to many classic cocktails, like the Singapore Sling and the Blood & Sand (click to buy online).

Clear Creek Distillery Kirschwasser ($41) The Clear Creek Distillery in Portland, Oregon, uses only local sweet cherries to make its crystal-clear cherry eau-de-vie. Its pure, concentrated cherry flavor is best sipped on its own–preferably under a cherry tree (click to buy online).