Whoopie Pies Cookbook Takes Dessert To New Heights

A new cookbook leaves us gobsmacked

Like any royalty, cupcakes are an easy target for ridicule and displaced anger. But if anything is going to dethrone the king of sweets, we're putting our money on the whoopie pie.

This cultish Northeast treat–which is not quite cookie, not quite cake, and certainly not pie–is the focus of the new cookbook Whoopie Pies.

Inside, you'll find instructions for whoopie assembly and storage tips alongside lists of cake-filling combinations that encourage a mix-and-match approach to making whoopie. But authors Amy Treadwell and Sarah Billingsley also ensure their book delivers more than (marshmallow) fluff.

Their recipes offer new ideas for mixing and matching flavors and fillings. Our favorite sandwiches malted-buttercream filling between two chocolate cakes (click here to download the recipe), which can be enhanced by rolling the edges of the finished pies in crushed malted-milk balls.

Watch your back, cupcake.