Noble Rot Wine Supper Club From Jonny Cristaldi And Brian Quinn

A new form of clandestine drinking

Given the supper club mania in the city, it was only a matter of time before one-off gatherings with an alternative focus flooded the scene.

For the rogue wine lover, that gathering is the Noble Rot, "a traveling wine saloon," founded by musician Brian Quinn and actor Jonny Cristaldi; they drew inspiration from Whisk & Ladle, an underground operation run by friends.

The duo launched the wine-centered meet-up last July with a party that featured great bottles under $10. Since then, Quinn and Cristaldi have hosted frequent events that are equal parts education and entertainment, including an October harvest party in Brooklyn ($40) and an ode to Chardonnay in Tribeca ($35).

And though the Noble Rot puts wine front and center, there's always some kind of food to keep drinkers amply sated. At a recent event ($40), The Art of Eating In author Cathy Erway led a four-course tasting while Cristaldi presided over pours and a band (with Quinn on drums) provided music during breaks.

For the Noble Rot's next event, on April 17, sake takes the stage in a Williamsburg loft ($65), accompanied by snacks from Studiofeast supper club founder Mike Lee.

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