Moleskine Recipe Journals

The perfect way to track your food adventures and musings

If you're anything like us, you probably have a Web browser full of bookmarked recipes, a stack of food glossies with dog-eared pages and cooking notes scribbled on loose scraps in a folder somewhere.

Now you can bring all your kitchen wisdom together in one place in a nifty new recipe journal from Moleskine, makers of those elastic-bound black notebooks.

The journal's flexible format holds magazine clippings and computer printouts as well as handwritten formulas. Half of its 240 pages are set aside for recipes, organized by course, and the rest are fully customizable, with three sheets of stick-on labels included. The book also comes equipped with a handy measurement-conversions page, plus a seasonality chart (click here to watch the journal in action).

Why not get creative as you turn the journal into your personalized cookbook: Draw how-to illustrations, flag important details with stickers and catalog your best food photos for future reference. (If you want to track what you drink, Moleskin also offers a wine journal.)

Here's to better cooking–and better organization–than ever.