How To Find Eco-Friendly Wine

The grapes are greener in Oregon

With most wine, so much happens between vineyard and wine shop that it's hard to ascertain whether the wine is eco-friendly by simply looking at the label.

But now it's easier to spot sustainable wines–especially if you like Pinot Noir.

The Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine logo can now be found on many bottles from the state, from the Willamette Valley down to Southern Oregon. This third-party stamp of approval unifies the principles of several agencies, including Low Input Viticulture and Enology, USDA Organic, Demeter Biodynamic and the Food Alliance.

Any wine bearing the logo ensures that the wine has been made using environmentally responsible grape-growing and winemaking practices. To date, 18 participating wineries (including big names like Ponzi and A to Z) have had 1.75 million bottles of wine approved to carry the seal.

A similar program recently launched in California, so the American wine industry finally has useful tools to help consumers make more informed purchases. Let's hope its food counterparts catch up soon.