Backroad Bakery's Fried Pies Delivered To Your Door

Fried pies at your doorstep

Relishing the traditional treats of the American South usually requires a ream of Internet research, a road trip and a strong sense of direction.

But when it comes to fried pies–sweet fillings encased in flaky pastry dough and deep-fried–there's no longer a need to assemble a search party.

Texas-based Backroads Bakery will ship the Southern-fried pies of your dreams right to your door.

Founder Sarah Lively started baking as a hobbyist, making pies for family and friends. Soon she was distributing her signature pastries to small stores throughout Central Texas. The company now fries about 4,000 pies every week.

The growth spurts haven't led to recipe modifications–Lively's pies remain free of the preservatives that would extend shelf life but compromise flavor. The deeply Dixie sweet-tart buttermilk pie is our favorite, though classics like apple, apricot, cherry, chocolate and lemon are equally delicious.

Can't decide what flavor you want? Don't worry: You can mix and match your online order of 12 single-serving pies ($24). And you don't need GPS to enjoy them.