Tender Greens In Hollywood Has New House-Made Sodas

Feel good about drinking Tender Greens' house-made sodas

Soda lovers can now quaff with a clear conscious at the new Tender Greens in Hollywood.

The house-made sodas not only taste better than the mass-marketed alternatives, they're also part of the owners' strategy to eliminate all bottled water and soda at the restaurant by year-end.

Thank the Ever Pure filtration system, which pumps out carbonated water for the sodas, plus crystal-clear flat water for general thirst-quenching.

The sodas are made with locally grown fruits and sweetened with agave, not high-fructose corn syrup. You'll always find crisp, clean-tasting lemon-lime and ginger ale on the menu, but the seasonal specials are grabbing our attention.

Right now, there's red grape that's a refreshingly real take on the sugary-sweet, fake purple stuff you find in cans (click here to download a home-friendly recipe). Look for strawberry, bing cherry and nectarine soon.

Making sodas in-house isn't just for quality control–they are concocted by chefs with discerning palates–it's also economical and eco-friendly.

By doing away with cans and bottles, there is less waste, and the restaurant's trash fees will go down. That means lower prices for you.

It's a delicious win-win for all.

Tender Greens, 6290 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood; 323-382-0380 or tendergreensfood.com