Pendennis Club's Famous Henry Bain's Sauce

Original Henry Bain's Famous Sauce from Pendennis Club in Louisville, KY and Pendennis Meat Loaf recipe

At the legendary Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky, one of the great perks of membership is the chance to savor Original Henry Bain's Famous Sauce.

The secret recipe–invented in the late 19th century by a maître d' named Henry Bain–has been passed from one chef to the next throughout the generations, but its formula has never been disclosed.

Now you can finally buy a bottle of this storied sauce for your own kitchen–no membership necessary.

Fans who've unsuccessfully attempted to replicate the tangy, piquant sauce have been known to hunt down the pickled black walnuts that are rumored to be its secret ingredient. Some entrepreneurs have even bottled ersatz versions, but nothing has captured the magic of Bain's.

While we use the dark, spicy condiment in place of barbecue sauce, it's also a smart substitute for ketchup, especially in the Pendennis Club's meat loaf (click here to download the recipe), which chef Robert LaFever cooks nightly for members.

And if you wake up with a craving for more, a dash or two of the sauce gives Bloody Marys extra zing.