Casey's Bar In Downtown Los Angeles Has An Extensive Irish Whiskey List

It doesn't have to be St. Patrick's Day to drink like you're Irish

There's a Cedd Moses-owned bar for every purpose in downtown L.A. If you want rye whiskey, you go to Seven Grand. If it's mezcal you're thirsting for, there's the newly opened Las Perlas. And now, for Irish whiskey lovers, there's Casey's.

You could always count on this Grand Avenue bar–open since 1969, but owned and operated by Moses since 2007–for a shot of whiskey or a beer. But now there are more than 30 Irish whiskeys on offer, a breadth of selection rarely found in the U.S.

The menu is full of rare and unique finds, all listed according to distillery (there are only four distilleries in Ireland). From the Irish-owned Cooley Distillery, there's Kilbeggan, a silky whiskey with hints of golden raisin and vanilla, and single-grain Greenore which tastes almost like bourbon.

Everyone is familiar with Bushmills, but the same distillery also produces Knappouge, a lighter single malt with notes of honey. The smooth, crisp 12-year-old Redbreast, the only pure pot-still whiskey from Ireland currently available in the U.S., comes from the Midleton Distillery.

Regular Jameson can do the trick, but once you sip Jameson Gold Label, which gets its strong vanilla flavor from new oak barrels, there's no turning back.

Casey's Irish Pub, 613 S. Grand Ave., Downtown; 213-629-2353 or