Tasting Notes On Wine And Champagne From Cork Market In Logan Circle

Cork Market gives wine cheat-sheets

When the owners of Cork launched Cork Market earlier this winter, fans rejoiced at having a chance to bring home the wine bar's affordable old-world bottles.

Now Cork is also throwing in a take-home paper wine expert for each bottle purchased. Owners Diane Gross and Khalid Pitts worked with sommelier Brian Cook to create descriptions and detailed tasting notes for each bottle they sell.

In addition to the basics, you'll find information on the grapes used, particularly helpful for lesser-known varietals like Hondarrabi Zuri from Spain's Basque region. The sheet also includes tasting notes to help identify flavors and pairings. The Au Bon Climat Mondeuse ($19) has a nose of "earth, spice and bramble" with licorice on the palate.

Purchase any wine and the cashier will hand you a crib sheet full of essential intel and log your choice into their system for future reference. Bin numbers (a tradition at the original Cork) also make the list, meaning that you can easily order the wine on your next visit to the wine bar. Here's to many happy returns.

Cork Market, 1805 14th St. NW (between S & T sts.); 202-265-2674 or corkdc.com