Cocktail Tools To Up Your Mixing Game

Enhance your home bar with these advanced tools

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Congratulations: You've stocked your home bar with all the right staples–from premium vermouth to handmade bitters–and you've collected the basic gear needed to master the classics.

But to make many of today's best cocktails (or to fine-tune your martini skills), you need a more complete tool kit. Start building it with these advanced essentials:

Precision Jigger Leave the free pouring to these jokers. A proper drink requires precise measurements, which most jiggers don't offer. But Über Bar Tool's ProBarBone has compartments of ¼ ounce and up, which provide more controlled measuring.

Ice Crusher A must-have for any fan of juleps or swizzle. Although you can take the mechanized route and buy an crank-operated crusher, it's much more fun (and therapeutic) to fill a Lewis bag with ice cubes and pound away.

Double-Ended Muddler You need a tool that can both gently muddle mint for a mojito and pulverize blackberries for a smash. The burled end on this Rösle muddler works fruit into submission, while the flat handle coaxes the oils from delicate herbs.

Mister Use this pump sprayer to impart the tiniest spritz of flavor to drinks, either in the empty glass (called a "rinse") or over the finished drink.

Spoon Straws These stainless steel straws do double duty: Use one to mix a cool Tom Collins, then leave it in the glass for sipping (just don't chew on it).

Textbook Who better to deliver an advanced course in home bartending than the "Modern Mixologist" himself? Tony Abou-Ganim's new book covers specialized glassware, infusions and seasonal drinks, along with 60 of his best recipes.