Sesame Seed Grinder For Your Home

A new delivery system for an ancient condiment

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Freshly ground toasted sesame seeds are a customary condiment in Japanese cuisine; they add a burst of nutty flavor to ramen, sushi and more.

But those plastic grinders located next to the soy sauce at restaurants deserve a place on your dinner table, too.

Just like peppercorns, sesame seeds are best when freshly ground, which releases their scented oils and toasty flavor. (Plus, they're dense with nutrients and antioxidants.)

Most sesame seed grinders (like this one) are cheap and can be found at Asian markets. But we love this slightly techy battery-powered model, which also lets you fine-tune your grind.

Instead of grated Parmesan cheese, try a hefty shower of toasted seeds on top of pasta or sautéed greens and vegetables. Or swap finely ground sesame for flour or bread crumbs to prepare a coating for crispy chicken or seafood.

Sesame also works on sweets: Sprinkle some sesame powder on cookies, honey-soaked Mediterranean pastries or baklava.

No sesame bagels left? Spice up your schmear with a light dusting, or make your own gomashio.