Meet Jordan Kivelstadt, The Man Behind Free Flow Wines In San Francisco And The Wine-On-Tap Boom

Meet Jordan Kivelstadt, the man behind the wine-on-tap boom

Tap wines have been flowing at an accelerating clip in Bay Area restaurants (and around the country). Salt House, Larkspur's Tavern at Lark Creek, and the new Out the Door in Pacific Heights all feature them. But who's behind this keg-fueled trend?

The answer is, in part, Jordan Kivelstadt. He and two partners are the enterprising founders of Free Flow Wines, based in San Francisco. They recognize that tap wines help eliminate spoilage, offer a good value and have a light carbon footprint since they reduce shipping weight, packaging and waste.

At the end of the day, though, the kegs must be stocked with good wine, and Kivelstadt, the company's winemaker, personally blends each one.

He's only 28, but Kivelstadt has made wine in four countries, including Argentina and Australia, and runs two of his own wine labels, Pavo and Dog Daze.

For Free Flow Wines, he currently produces two wines–a racy, stainless-steel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc and a lush Merlot. But the fast-growing company has both a Chardonnay and a Zinfandel in the works, and Free Flow Wines is expanding its reach to states like Arizona and Alabama.

Apparently, this is the sort of draft the whole country can agree on.