Meat And Vegetable Pies At Patty Boom Boom On U Street

A taste of Jamaica in a savory golden pie


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A taste of Jamaica in a savory golden pie

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At this point, the closest we can get to island life is scaling an icy, asphalt-colored snowbank. But you can take a turn for the tropics at Patty Boom Boom.

This month-old restaurant and bar is a reggae-tinged homage to Jamaica, hosting upstairs DJs and a casual downstairs menu of hearty, slow-cooked meat- and vegetable-filled patties ($3.50).

The hand-size pies–served in small white bags–are sturdy enough for grab-and-go dining, but the golden, flaky crusts are best when eaten warm on the bar stools overlooking U Street.

Stewed goat with guava has just a hint of sweetness from the fruit inside the buttery crust. Spicy ground beef–which gets heat from chile peppers–is so tender that it melts into each bite. Even the vegetarian options–like the curry-style spinach pie–pack impressive flavor.

Daring diners can punch up the spice with a squirt of habañero or spicy mango dipping sauce, but it would help to have a beverage on hand. The restaurant pours an impressive stock of cuisine-appropriate beverages, including cans of Red Stripe ($6), coconut waters and Jamaican sodas. There's also a lime-packed fruit punch (served booze-free downstairs or spiked with rum on the second floor).

The restaurant is adjusting its hours, but typically opens in the midafternoon, serving food straight through until after last call at nearby bars. At least your taste buds can keep jamming.

Patty Boom Boom, 1359 U St. NW (between 13th and 14th sts.); 202-629-1712 or

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