Valentine's Day Treats

Show your affection, month after month

When it comes to Valentine's Day, we think experiences make the best presents (you can read into that however you like). These monthly food clubs are a great way to spread your love throughout the year:

Have It Sweet's Caramel of the Month Imagine your Valentine's joy when half a pound of uncut caramel ($90) arrives at the door. Imagine your joy when you're invited to divvy up fleur de sel caramel in April, spiced vanilla in September and pecan pie in November. 

The Lee Bros. Southern Food of the Month From the creators of the Boiled Peanuts Catalogue, brothers Matt and Ted Lee ship out a year's worth of pantry staples made below the Mason-Dixon line ($285). Soulful items include Mrs. Sassard's sticky, sweet fig preserves, picnic Moon Pies and fountain-style Cheerwine cherry soda.

Michael Jackson's Rare Beer Club The recently deceased Beer Hunter knew the key to a good date: an oversize bottle of an obscure brew like The Bruery's toasty Two Turtle Doves. Share your monthly shipment ($45 and up) over a dinner matched to the club's suggested pairings. 

Murray's Pairing of the Month If you and your mate go together like Manchego and membrillo, then rely on Murray's to find the next best pairing. Let the cheese monger play matchmaker by sending one of its favorite wedges alongside a well-suited partner ($175 and up). Power couples have included funky Cashel blue with fig-apple chutney and smooth Pyrenees Bribes with pumpkin jam.

Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society For the date who insists on buying bacon cupcakes and cult olive oil, this quarterly safari ($175 and up) offers a portfolio of rare ingredients plus a copy of Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating. Hand-foraged finds might include frost tea from the Himalayas, antique chocolate from Sicily and Imbannig rice from the Philippines.