Quality Gourmet Meat, Cheese And Groceries At P&C Market On Capitol Hill

European sophistication meets corner bodega


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European sophistication meets corner bodega

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Back before chain grocery stores descended on the District, we usually relied on the corner bodega to stock our pantries.

But since the arrival of the big names, an interesting thing has happened to the neighborhood bodega: It hasn't gone away–it's gone upscale.

And none have transitioned better than P&C Market on Capitol Hill. Once a standard-issue shop, the basement-level space has been transformed by a trio of business partners who looked to Parisian markets for inspiration.

The shelves overflow with quality local and international products. Milk and cheese come from Pennsylvania-based Trickling Springs Creamery, while meat, sausages and poultry arrive from Virginia cult favorite Polyface Farm.

Browse the aisles for local baguettes and croissants (from Bonaparte Breads), flavored sea salts, and small-production wines from around the world. Mariage Frères loose-leaf teas and Michel Cluizel chocolates are an actual taste of Paris.

For an on-the-go lunch, P&C offers a line of charcuterie- and cheese-stuffed baguette sandwiches ($9). The Altar Boy juxtaposes smoked prosciutto, triple-cream brie and stone-ground mustard; the Cardinal Sin combines roast beef, chevre, fig spread and horseradish. They're sure to boost market value.

P&C Market, 1023 E. Capitol St. SE (between 10th and 11th sts. SE); 202-640-1967

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