Private Dining And Home Chef Services From Equinox Restaurant In Washington, DC

A local restaurant moves to your kitchen


Winter Equinox

A local restaurant moves to your kitchen

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In the aftermath of last month's fire at Equinox restaurant, chef-owner Todd Gray was confident he could quickly get his iconic restaurant (and Obama favorite) back on its feet. He was more concerned, however, about the local farms that depend on his business, particularly in these months when parsnips are more abundant than peaches.

Lucky for his farmers–and you–Gray and his team will bring the Equinox dining experience to your home by serving a private dinner made with ingredients from his favorite purveyors.

Gray uses the intimate setup to open a dialogue about local food–without proselytizing. (The dishes he'll serve–rich agnolotti stuffed with Middleburg chestnuts or 90-day dry-aged strip loin from Martin's Angus Beef in The Plains–will speak for themselves.) As much of the prep work is done in advance, Gray's team can maneuver even the tiniest (and jankiest) of kitchens.

Depending on the size of your party–they can feed just about any size gathering–Gray can deploy varying numbers of chefs, servers, dishwashers (even pastry chef Tom Wellings). They can also provide table decorations and dishware for those with sparser setups. The price varies depending on number of people and courses, but is competitive with local catering companies.

By the time spring has sprung, the restaurant will likely have reopened. So plan that party now.

For more information and to reserve a dinner, email

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