Whatisfresh.com Website For Tracking Local Produce At Farmer's Markets In New York City

Scour the city's farmers' markets from your desk

In the midst of planning a veal dinner for his girlfriend, Michael Horn had a morel dilemma.

He needed fresh morel mushrooms, but Googling for local sources and scouring New York's farmers' markets on foot proved useless.

Then he had an idea: What if one could virtually search area Greenmarkets to find out what's for sale on a particular day? And so WhatIsFresh was born.

Horn's site brilliantly makes sense of the dozens of Greenmarkets scattered around Manhattan and Brooklyn, allowing users to search them by location, day of the week, vendor and ingredient.

Even when the city is buried in snow, WhatIsFresh can help you keep eating local produce. Want to find out what Stokes Farm will be hawking in Union Square on Wednesday? No problem. Need some local radicchio? A quick search will direct you to the Evolutionary Organics stand at Grand Army Plaza on Saturday.

As soon as Horn hits his stride with the NYC edition, he'll be moving west. His hometown of Chicago looks like a good bet, and the West Coast could be a great fit.