Bourbon-Smoked Garlic Recipe

Take your bourbon with a grain of salt

Everyone knows what to do when life hands you lemons, but what's the solution for having an overabundance of garlic?

Megan and Jim Alexander, who own Rattlesnake Hill Farm in Bloomfield, Kentucky, have an answer: Imbue everyday pantry staples with an invigorating, garlicky kick.

For years, the Alexanders pedaled their pungent mustards and jellies at garlic festivals around the country and at BourbonFest in nearby Bardstown. Then they had a revelation: Why not combine the two themes?

The latest addition to Rattlesnake's collection–bourbon-smoked garlic salt–does just this.

To make their small-batch seasoning, they smoke garlic and Italian sea salt separately over a fire fueled by used bourbon-barrel staves, then dehydrate the mixture. The result is a punchy, versatile blend that can be added to salads for a tangy crunch, rubbed on meats destined for the grill or sprinkled over steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes for an extra smoky boost.