Hooks 15-Year-Old Cheddar, Truffle Camembert, Grevenboecker Cheese At The Cheese Store Of Beverly Hills

Dress up your cheese plate with these exceptional newcomers

"Cheese and holidays just go together," says Norbert Wabnig, who owns The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. We couldn't agree more. For parties, gifts or just your own table–and when money is no object–here are some of his new favorites:

Hook's 15-Year-Old Cheddar From the famed Wisconsin cheesemaker, this small-batch cheese was just released this month–and will disappear quickly. Aged for 15 years, it's richly flavored, with a slight crunch. This cheddar (pictured) crumbles easily, so serve it as little nuggets. Wabnig likes it with a dry Sherry or a hearty ale.

Grevenbroecker A brand new product for the store, this marbled Belgian blue is milder than others (even non-blue-cheese-lovers will like this one), but still bold and spicy. It's made during the summer months, so the animals graze on fresh grass and flowers on a family farm in Flanders.

White Truffle Camembert You can always find Camembert made exclusively for The Cheese Store, but you'll only find this one–stuffed with shaved white truffles–during the holidays. The store's cheesemongers cut the wheel open to add a layer of truffles, and the earthy flavor permeates every ounce.

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, 419 N. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills; 310-278-2855 or cheesestorebh.com