Blendtec Blender, Cuisinart Elite 14 Cup Food Processor And Taylor Digital Measuring Cup Are Good Gifts For Techie Cooks

Give the kitchen-tech junkies what they want

Some high-tech kitchen gadgets are pure fancy (like a $35,000 ice cream maker, say, or a catapulting toaster), while others are so game-changing that you can't imagine life before them.

Here are three of the latter:

Super Processor Cuisinart's new Elite 14-cup model has obliterated every quibble we had with food processors. Its leakproof gasket and locking blades let you remove and replace the bowl without making a mess, and a trio of nesting bowls (4½, 11 and 14 cups) allows you to whiz soup, pesto and vinaigrettes without washing between tasks ($300;

Multi Measure Conversion formulas are for high school, so leave it to this new multitasker to keep you baking like a pro: It's part measuring cup, part digital scale, and can weigh ingredients cumulatively or individually, allowing you to glide seamlessly between volume and weight, liquid and dry. ($35;

Master Blender The superpowered Blendtec Total Blender, which pulverizes golf balls and iPhones in its viral Will It Blend? web videos, has been redesigned so its blade and jar are even more efficient; your soups and smoothies don't stand a chance ($100 for jar; $400 and up for blenders;