Urban Cheesecraft's Cheese Making Kits For Making Ricotta Cheese, Chevre Cheese, Paneer Cheese, And Queso Blanco Cheese At Home

Cheesemaking kits for the DIY set

Riding the coattails of the DIY movement, an outcropping of city-slicker cheesemakers has proven that the best (and most economical) cheeses can be made even in the tiniest spaces.

And yet plenty of us still buy our blocks and wedges from the store; not everyone, it seems, has the energy, time and confidence to flex his or her cheesemaking muscles.

Enter UrbanCheesecraft's D.I.Y Cheese kits. Designed to help home cooks master the art of cheesemaking, each little brown box contains a dairy thermometer and enough rennet, cheese salt, citric acid and cheesecloth to make 10 batches of cheese.

You won't even need to skim the artisanal food blogs for recipes and advice: The kits arrive with an instruction booklet that contains all the information you'll need to get started.

Your responsibilities are few: Just buy some milk and open the box. Before you know it, you'll be making your very own mozzarella ricotta, paneer, chèvre and queso blanco with expert ease.