Zip And Dry Apron, Round Bag Caps, Diagram Dish Towels, Sucre Bakery Macaron Gift Box And Decaf Test Strips Are Great Gifts Under $25

Keep it under $25 with these nifty gifts

There's no shortage of value-minded kitchen gadgets out there, but many end up wasting perfectly good drawer space. Here are a few that gift recipients will be excited to pull out of the box or stocking.

Zip & Dry Apron This is an apron that encourages hand wiping: While the top half keeps your clothes free of stains, the bottom zips off to become a handy dish towel. $25 at

Round Bag Caps Most pantries are cluttered with bags of food like beans and cereal. Snap these handy lids onto any of them to ensure freshness, prevent spills and make pouring a cinch. $6 each at

Diagram Towels Whoever drew all over these flour-sack towels is someone after our own hearts. One towel sports a diagram of a stand mixer, the other a set of utensils; both can serve double duty as dish towel or wall art. $20 for two at

Sucré Macaroons For the friend with the sweet tooth, opt for New Orleans bakery Sucre's colorful and crunchy macaroons (and try the holiday pairing of candy cane and double-dark chocolate). $14 for eight; $23 for 15 at

Decaf Strips Buy insurance against the caf-decaf fumble (and sleepless nights) with these litmus-like strips, which fit in your pocket and tell you in seconds if your waiter is telling the truth. $10 from