GoCoffeeGo Website Sources From Top Micro Coffee Roasters Like Atomic Coffee, Johnson Bros. Coffee, Higher Ground Coffee And Klatch Coffee

The nation's best coffee roasters are a click away

Some of us are lucky enough to live near one of the nation's top micro coffee roasters, yet want to sample cult beans from other outfits across the country.

Other fanatics don't even have that luxury–and must fend for themselves.

But the just-launched GoCoffeeGo can caffeinate everyone in both camps.

The brainchild of San Francisco's Scott Pritikin and Elise Papazian, GoCoffeeGo enables javaheads to purchase beans from a dozen celebrated roasters, including Atomic, Johnson Brothers, Higher Ground and Roast magazine's 2009 Micro-Roaster of the Year, Klatch.

Orders are filled as soon as the roaster makes its next batch of beans available–usually the day after an order is placed–and the beans arrive via UPS a few days later. And serious addicts can sign up for auto-shipments at the frequency of their choosing.

The site uses bright colors and happy cartoon characters to convince visitors that a great cup of coffee can be fun–as if anyone manically committed to small-batch beans needs a visually arresting reminder.