French Onion Soup Recipe From The Adaptable Feast, A Cookbook With Recipes For Special Diets

A new book helps you cook for guests on special diets

The scene is familiar: You invite a crowd over for dinner, only to learn that their diverse dietary restrictions leave you winging a dish for the vegetarians and vegans, making a separate entrée for the pescatarians and inventing yet another option that caters to the ethical omnivores on your guest list.

And no, it's not OK to serve them all soulless side dishes.

Instead, you can pick up Ivy Manning's new cookbook, The Adaptable Feast: Satisfying Meals for the Vegetarians, Vegans, and Omnivores at Your Table. The tome will help you curtail your kowtowing to special guests without ignoring their needs–or sacrificing your menu.

Each of the cookbook's 90 recipes has an easily adapted version that yields either a few vegetarian servings of a hearty meat dish or a few omnivorous servings of a vegetarian one. Manning even provides suggestions for making many of the book's recipes vegan-friendly, including one for a classic French onion soup (click here to download the recipe).

Before long, you'll be whipping up meals like spaghetti carbonara and shepherd's pie that please everyone at the table. Including you.