's Chicken Eglus And Beehaus For Urban Farming

The Chicken Eglu transforms backyard into barnyard

Eating a breakfast of just-laid eggs or toast with honey recently pilfered from your own beehive is argument enough for leaving the city for the charms of the countryside.

And then that argument collapses under the weight of reality.

Or not: For those of us who want the boons of animal husbandry without muddying our shoes (or even leaving the city, for that matter), the Chicken Eglu from UK-based Omlet offers a happy compromise.

These brightly colored, prefab bird condos are perfectly designed to fit a small flock (two to four chickens) in your backyard. Or you can opt for the brand-new Eglu Cube, which can house up to 10 birds.

Once you've ordered your Eglu, the Omlet team will even deliver and assemble the structure, complete with a few Gingernut Ranger laying hens to get you started. Then just sit back and wait for the eggs to start rolling in.

From there, the options are endless: Stick with poultry or expand with a Beehaus to try your hand at beekeeping. The starter kit includes the requisite bee suit and harvesting tools, so you'll be ready to welcome your 10,000 new roommates upon their arrival.