Homemade Chocolate With Navitas Naturals Organic Chocolate Kits

Make your own chocolate at home

Let's be honest: Until you own a conch and make friends with some Brazilian farmers, you won't be the next Jacques Torres or Michel Cluizel.

But sometimes it's fun to pretend, and Navitas Naturals lets you do just that with its line of make-your-own-chocolate kits.

Raw cacao nixes the need for chocolate tempering and associated fuss, so the process is almost too easy: All you need is hot water to melt the cocoa butter, a candy mold or ice cube tray in which to pour the melted chocolate and mix-ins, and a freezer to quick-set your finished product.

A big benefit of DIY chocolate is knowing exactly what's in it. Everything in the kits is certified organic, sustainable, vegan and fair trade, including add-ins like crunchy chocolate nibs, organic goldenberries or the superfruit-of-the-moment, goji berry–mitigating any chance of chocolate guilt.

Navitas Chocolate Kits ($10 each) are available at Whole Foods, natural food stores and online at NavitasNaturals.com.